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The Monster iOS series is not your normal series of programming books.

They are programming guides wrapped up in a story. The characters in the books ask the questions that you might ask, such as why something is done or how a particular effect might be achieved. They also let the developer (the one in the book) know when they don't understand something.

We hope that this approach lends to a more useful learning experience where at least some of the questions you yourself might have would already be answered!

The main character in the book, Dave the Dev, is based on Dave Mark, whose books helped the author learn iOS development when he first started iOS development. Dave is aware of this and is OK with being the model for our hero 🙂

Monster iOS: A New Beginning is a massive (around 500 pages) book which will teach you everything you need to know to develop a simple iOS 7 application and submit it to Apple. Don't know the terminology? No worries – we'll teach you! Don't know how to program? We'll teach you that, too!

You can read the first chapter here to get a feel for how the book teaches iOS development. You can also check out the table of contents. Monster iOS: A New Beginning sits at around 500 pages.

Monster iOS: A New Beginning will be available for sale as soon as Apple releases the final version of iOS 7 to the public.

The next few books in the series will tackle more advanced areas of iOS development while continuing the story that began in the first book. We'll announce them here and via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. So like, follow, or subscribe to keep updated.

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