Monster iOS

About Fahim Farook

Fahim FarookFahim Farook, the author of Monster iOS: A New Beginning, has been programming since forever. Or for over two decades – take your pick. He’s programmed in well over a dozen different languages and on a whole bunch of different platforms.

Fahim’s current focus is on the mobile app space with over 60 apps developed for iOS (iPhone and iPad), 20-ish of his own and the rest for clients from around the world (USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Singapore, and so on). He’s also developed mobile apps for Android devices. He’s the CTO of RookSoft Pte Ltd of Singapore.

Fahim, in a previous life, was the editor of a gadgets magazine, script editor for a television production company which broadcasts its programs over most of South Asia, and editor of peace pages for three national newspapers (in Sri Lanka) in three languages (English, Sinhala, Tamil). Fahim also did technical editing for a book on iOS game programming Learning Cocos2D for Pearson publishers and has been a regular technical editor and is now a final pass editing on mobile development topics for the popular tutorial site

Fahim has written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles in addition to corporate writing. He was also the developer, writer, editor, and designer of a range of technical materials including software user manuals and help files.

He’s lived in Sri Lanka, USA, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and now Singapore and enjoys science fiction and fantasy novels, TV shows, and movies.