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Done At Last!

Happinessx300I’ve been working on getting the last bits of Monster iOS: A New Beginning edited and ready for publication. Since the GM (Gold Master) version of iOS 7 introduced a few changes, I had to make sure that everything still worked correctly, that the screen shots still matched what was in the book, etc.

All that is finally done. Hurray!

Now all that remains is to send out the books to iBooks and to our order processing service and hopefully, we are set for Monster iOS: A New Beginning to be available for people to purchase when the NDA lifts on the 18th of September.

Does that mean that I’m done with Monster iOS and Dave’s story? Not by a long shot!

In fact, as the title of the book indicates, this is just the beginning 🙂 The first book gives you an introduction to iOS programming. It teaches you enough to use Xcode, to understand Objective-C programming, and to use all the various tools at your disposal with Xcode. But it only scratches the surface.

iOS is already so extensive, that a single book, especially a book which also tries to include a story, is not going to cover all that there is to know about iOS development. So, Monster iOS is actually going to be a series of books. The next one will build upon what was introduced in the first book but provide information on topics which are at an intermediate level.

I’ve been planning that book — tentatively titled Monster iOS: A Working Title :p — for a week or so now. And I’ve been raring to go since I think that, if you enjoy Dave’s story, you’re really going to like this one 🙂 The story is going to get a few twists and turns and you’re also going to learn a bit more about the strange world that Dave ended up in.

I’ll try to post updates here as the new book progresses. Let the new adventure begin!

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