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When will the e-book be available?

It’s available now! Go get it!

Order Monster iOS: A New Beginning Now!
What formats will the book be available in?

We’re offering the e-book in both PDF and EPUB formats, both DRM-free.

Are you offering an e-book or a paper book?

We’re offering only an e-book version at this time. If there’s enough interest, we might offer a printed version of the book. However, because the expenses involved in producing a print book is significantly higher than for producing an electronic version, a print book would also be significantly more expensive to the consumer than an e-book. We provide e-books since they’re much more cost-effective for our readers. Plus, you get the book immediately (or as soon as Apple releases iOS 7).

Is there a difference between the iBooks version and the version available here?

The main content is identical. But there may be slight differences with regards to things like the concepts list etc. due to the differences in platforms.

What currency is the price for the book in?

The prices listed on this site are in US dollars. Once you start the order process, the payment processor will have the option to display the amount in a variety of currencies.

What is the license for the e-book?

When purchasing a copy of this e-book, the purchaser is granted a single-user license for this e-book. It can be used on multiple devices that are owned by the purchaser, but it may be read on only one device at a time.

All other rights are reserved.


What do I do if I have questions about the e-book?

Join our forums and ask away. πŸ™‚


Are you available for consulting?

Contact me. It really depends on my schedule.

Are you available for a speaking engagement?

Depends on the when and where. Contact me and we’ll find out. πŸ™‚

Are you available for interviews?

Yes. Contact me and we can set up a good time for both of us.

Monster iOS: A New Beginning

Why should I get Monster iOS: A New Beginning?

Seriously? Because developing for iOS 7 is fun and, compared to other platforms and languages, relatively easy. And because you’ll be able to develop all those cool apps you’ve been thinking about for forever. And because this would make you the cool kid on the block. πŸ˜€

Plus Monster iOS: A New Beginning is a fun and interesting read. The monsters are vampires, zombies, werewolves, gnomes, and other creatures of fantasy. And they’re cool. And they won’t suck your blood dry or tear you to pieces. But we make no such promises for our protagonist – Dave.

So skip the TV or that game you’ve been playing for ages and learn how to develop for iOS 7! C’mon! You know you want to… πŸ™‚

Who is Monster iOS: A New Beginning for?

It’s written with the complete beginner in mind, someone who’s never programmed for even five minutes. It explains everything from the very basics in a way that a complete novice can understand.

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