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Blurbs about Monster iOS: A New Beginning

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We asked a few celebrities and experts in the field what they thought of Monster iOS: A New Beginning. As you’ll note, they’re raving about it:

Missing out on this fine work would be a 'grave' omission! Muhuhuhuhahaha..

Rob McCreery
A novel approach to programming. What a great idea for an educational title. Too many people think programming is dry and boring, but this book will change all that.

Simon Haynes
It’s the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies of iOS tutorial books.

The Designated Nerd
The most unique book on iOS programming I’ve ever seen – cross a fantasy book with iOS programming, and you get Monster iOS! Great for complete beginners looking for a gentle and fun introduction into making apps – with a side dish of vampires!

Ray Wenderlich
This is so cool!

Mr. Freeze
This sucks!

Elementary! If you eliminate everything in this book, there’s nothing left.

Sherlock Holmes
This book put me to sleep!

Sleeping Beauty
I give it one glass slipper.

Insane!!! The author must be mad as a… loon.

The Mad Hatter
This book’s got no sparkle for me.

Jewel (not the singer)
This blows!

The North Wind
This book’s like me … terrible!

Ivan the Terrible
This just turned sour on me.

Lassi (the drink, not the dog)
This is a whale of a book! I blubber when I read it.

Moby Dick
This book is eggscruciating! It cracks me up.

Humpty Dumpty

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