Monster iOS

Monster iOS: A New Beginning – Table of Contents

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Introduction 3
Chapter One – The Bit About Bytes
Dave Awakes 4
Monsters’ First Project 9
Xcode for Monsters 22
Chapter Two – And a Xcoding We Go!
More Xcode for Monsters 40
The Anatomy of an App 49
I Screen, You Screen 65
Chapter Three – Pushing Buttons
Button It Up! 88
Laying It All Out 110
On A Mission for Code 139
Chapter Four – A Whole New View
(Re)factoring It In 169
A Second Look At Views 184
Navigating the Views 208
Break – Lunch 225
Chapter Five – A Disturbance in the Source
Another Day 229
Use the Source 230
Finders Keepers 235
Chapter Six – Can’t Contain this View
My View Spilleth Over 247
Segue Your Way 266
Bringing the Views Home 277
Chapter Seven – Count Me Out
You and I Make a UI 287
Colour Me Strange 302
Code Blues 312
Chapter Eight – Getting Social
Keyboard Mambo 328
Sharing Fun 349
Chapter Nine – Bugs Be Gone!
Squishing Bugs 362
Bugs, I’m Watching You 379
Gauges Engage! 395
Chapter Ten – I Submit, You Approve
Provisions Are Not For Eating 404
Pick Your Targets 425
Everybody Wants Approval 444
Break – Dinner 466
Afterword 467

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